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Mainwise Launderette
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About Us

Mainwise Ltd is a family run business with a range of launderettes and dry cleaning facilities across Nottingham. Established in 1987, Mainwise has grown from a humble beginning starting out with just one launderette on Highbury Vale. The business was successful and steadily grew into what you see today.

Here at Mainwise we pride ourselves on providing a high level of service and doing our utmost to help customers in every way that we can. As of 2014 all dry cleaning is done in house, allowing us to keep a closer eye on the quality of the work and ultimately give our customers a higher caliber of service.

You've probably heard the old adage: “Big enough to cope, small enough to care.” It certainly applies at Mainwise. We hope to continue to expand and provide jobs throughout the Nottingham economy for many years to come.